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May 13, 2022
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Josh Dobson – Looking Forward to Reaching for More in the Future

Duran Duran Stumbles, Dolly Parton Rolls Into Rock Hall
Duran Duran Stumbles, Dolly Parton Rolls Into Rock Hall

Presidents Club honored Josh Dobson in 12 of the 16 years of his career. Scotsman Guide featured him as a top originator. His client following and business hasearned him the title of top 1% originator in the industry.

Growing his business over the last 16 years, he averages 200 transactions a year with an average funding amount of $80 million, peaking at over $115 million in 2020. His documented sales numbers each year, tracked and recorded through his NMLS data, have set him in the top 1%.

He and Kelly, his wife, boast a strong belief in family with their 3 daughters Faye, Emery, and Sage. His social media name is ‘mortgagedadof3’ to honor his daughters. Recently, they added a third dog to the family, so they joke he is a mortgagedadof3 dogs, too.

His team consists of his rainmaker and first assistant he ever hired, his mother Kim Arivett, the woman who brought him into the business in 2004. They recently welcomed their newest member of the team, Amparo Galvan, a bilingual mother of 3, to round out the team and offer services to an even broader range of clients.

The biggest obstacle he has faced in his career has been his young age, which has become less of an issue as he has gotten older. But when he first broke into the business, the industry was led and dominated by the old guard, and many looked at him as too young to know what a mortgage was. He had to work hard at developing the trust and display his expertise and knowledge to break this stigma.

Later in life, he had to navigate the backlash of the 2007-2009 mortgage crisis. The unscrupulous loan originators took advantage of people (whether intentionally or due to ignorance), ruining many people’s lives.

His perspective is that this work is less of a sales job and more of a relational job. His career has exploded since he started treating his clients like family and friends. With this ideal in mind, he has found an outlet to achieve his goals on a larger scale through social media. He loves sharing what he knows with the masses, and he is looking forward to reaching even more people in the future.

His Instagram: @mortgagedadof3

Mark Fier

Mark Fier, a veteran journalist, has contributed to renowned media organizations and currently serves as the lead business writer for a respected platform.

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