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May 13, 2022
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Shadman Sakib’s ‘WhadaTime’, creating an ecosystem that transfers power of ownership to the people

Shadman Sakib’s entrepreneurial talents were evident at a very early age, when his peers were just beginning to learn the basics of business, Shadman was already building his portfolio of innovative concepts while still pursuing his formal education in the US and UK.
His passion for cutting edge tech, combined with his business intuition has made him a prolific innovator and investor in various sectors reaping huge financial gains at such an early age

As a 26-year-old, Shadman’s roster of current and up-coming tech ventures read like an almanac. With teams based across three continents, Shadman’s vision is to connect humanity through his upcoming interactive decentralized platform, bringing new ideas to the table at every turn.

Besides his various financial investments, Shadman Sakib’s holding company, WhadaTime, based between the UK, USA and Dubai, is gearing up for several new app product launches, scheduled in the course of 2022. With AI, blockchain and Metaverse at the core of their technology, WhadaTime, will be announcing its latest products in Q2 this year – closely under-wraps till then.

“All I can say is that the first app will offer an interactive experience on a social sharing platform incorporating AI, NFT and machine learning combined to deliver an unforgettable experience to the users, we are creating a brand new parallel universe that will transcend Metaverse itself” said Shadman Sakib on the upcoming launch product. For him it’s the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology that excites him.

Balancing his business activities out is the upcoming Shadman Sakib Philanthropic Foundation which will be announced later this year and will focus on impact investing supporting young IT entrepreneurs from impoverished backgrounds. This foundation will afford opportunities to many talented up and coming individuals and give them a platform to build their own legacy just as Shadman is doing himself.

The future of social media is more decentralized, using blockchain technology and advanced algorithms. It’s a world where creating and sharing media will become as easy and comparable to wearable technology that has fast become mainstream. So here comes WhadaTime!

What’s WhadaTime?

An interactive short video platform where viewers can interact with the performer directly. The goal is to create an ecosystem that transfers power of ownership to the people. Using machine learning and AI, WhadaTime personalized not only the discovery aspect but also upcoming trends based on first-party behavioral cues.

Gen Z Mindset

Through extensive research we’ve found that we are entering an era of decentralization and the discovery mindset that seeks to connect to diverse cultures, geographies and languages. Over 80% of the 4.66 billion population on this planet with access to the internet are consuming some form of social media network and this share is only expected to go upwards. With Gen Z being social media natives, the democratization of social media is key to harness the power of this generation. Gen Z is a passionate group, advocating justice, vocal about their beliefs and a new generation of content creators.

Mark Fier

Mark Fier, a veteran journalist, has contributed to renowned media organizations and currently serves as the lead business writer for a respected platform.

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