Shea Sliter Disrupts the Online Sales Training and Recruiting Industry with a Lucrative Partnership Model and Great Opportunity

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Shea Sliter is an entrepreneur and leader within his local community and an industry leader in sales training and recruiting. Shea Sliter found his passion in helping people develop high income skills which led to the development of Shea Sliter says Online Sales Connect’s mission is to empower one million people to live better lives. His company works to lead the way in this industry that sells high ticket products and services online. Sliter’s main goal is to start a multifamily, real-estate fund by 2025 and share the deals with his exclusive network.

His many career successes 

Shea Sliter, an entrepreneur since the age of 18, has started 5 businesses and successfully sold a multi-million-dollar business. He has mentored over 120 people in the development of communication, sales, mindset, and personal skills. His online community helps people earn more money through high ticket closing. Also, he built and launched 2 flagship products in 2020 during the pandemic, which are the closer certification system and the high income accelerator. To reach a wider audience, he wrote two books: The How to Guide for Single Guys Interested in Earning More Money than Average, Becoming Socially Attractive, and Conquering Self Confidence and High Ticket Closing 101. His sales agency Online Sales Connect has helped hundreds of online business owners scale their revenue by placing and training top performing sales reps.

As a humble, ambitious, and proud American, Shea Sliter wants to take advantage of the free enterprise system to help as many people as possible. He is a leader in the sales training and recruiting industry.

Shea Sliter started as a hardworking guy willing to prove his abilities. In the beginning, he helped business owners build out their sales teams for nothing but commissions. The results were amazing, so he and his team continued with a partnership model. With previous experience in coaching, he saw the need for people to experience freedom. So he built 2 core programs that people could follow to start working remotely, earn six figure incomes, and make impacts in many ways. The team at have a 90% success rate with their students, which is extremely high in the online education space. In this way, he made a name for himself.

Head to his Instagram account @sheasliter to learn more about him.

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