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The Aviation Industry Expert Guiding His Clients to Have an Effective Business Tool, Michael Grana

The Aviation Industry Expert Guiding His Clients to Have an Effective Business Tool, Michael Grana
The Aviation Industry Expert Guiding His Clients to Have an Effective Business Tool, Michael Grana

Michael Grana would like to be perceived as an expert in the industry, with a wealth of knowledge to guide clients’ needs to have an effective business tool utilizing aviation. Also, being an exceptionally well-qualified pilot would make sure you, your family, passengers, and your aircraft are operated in a safe and effective manner, getting you to your destination every time. He would like to be known as the go-to for all aviation services.

He made a name for himself in the industry through hard work, training, being honest, networking, and always doing the right thing. Michael’s perspective on the industry is that aviation is a wonderful tool, for both business and pleasure. For those who love to travel, it is a great tool and accomplishment to be able to travel by yourself. Being able to go when and where you want is the ultimate freedom. Being able to utilize private aviation is not hard—one just needs the right guidance to navigate the skies to make it useful and beneficial. 

His biggest passion is aviation, and he utilizes his passion for helping others navigate through the process of utilizing aviation as a business tool and for private travel by providing professional pilot services and aircraft sales and brokerage.

Michael also holds commercial seaplane and rotorcraft licenses, and he has spent many years flying turbine-powered aircraft. Michael has extensive experience in managing various aircraft operations and has flown for several Midwest 135 charter companies. Michael graduated from St. Louis University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautics, with a major concentration in Aviation Management.

With over 15 years of aviation experience, Michael brings several strengths and innovative ideas to the aviation industry, all for the purpose of making Global 360 Aviation stand out from the rest of the available aviation service companies.

The key to his success has been his belief in always investing in yourself. The more knowledge you have of a certain industry, the more likely you will have the tools to overcome any unforeseen bumps in the road. 

His long-term vision is to continue to grow the company and be the number one company in the Aviation Industry, with exceptional people working for the company and exceptional clientele that understands Global 360 Aviation is here to make your aviation desires come true.

One thing he did correctly from the start was never taking any shortcuts. He always worked hard and learned from his mistakes. What inspired him to go all-in was the freedom of working for himself. He has worked for many companies in the past and has learned what works and what doesn’t. He is taking all of those experiences and creating a company everyone will want to work with and will attract the elite aviation professionals in the industry to come and work with a great team.

You can learn more about Michael on Instagram @Global360aviation

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