Camtravelz has a Passion for Adventure and Inspiring Others to See the World

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Camtravelz has a Passion for Adventure and Inspiring Others to See the World
Camtravelz has a Passion for Adventure and Inspiring Others to See the World

Camtravelz is a 24-year-old travel influencer, born and raised in Miami. He became a Firefighter Paramedic three years ago, and his career has been so rewarding, providing emergency medical care to the citizens of the community he was raised in. He has always been a thrill-seeker, and going into burning buildings is equally as rewarding as it is a rush that truly can’t be put into words.

Since then, Camtravelz has developed a passion for traveling after taking his first trip to the west coast. He realized he would do whatever it took to see the world, and he wanted everyone to share that desire. So he dedicated himself to traveling, capturing his adventures, and sharing them with the world. He wanted to deliver content that would leave people speechless and inspire them to travel!

Throughout his career, he’s achieved many successes. Aside from becoming a firefighter at 21 years old to help people within his community, he used the money he made there to start traveling and investing in himself. He bought cameras, lenses, drones—you name it, he’s got it.

He started his Instagram a little under two years ago to post his travels, give his followers new vacation ideas, and inspire others to take their first trip. He grew his account to 10k in just five weeks organically by being active on Instagram and delivering high-quality original content. He worked hard to figure out what people enjoyed seeing on his feed and how he could provide the most value to his followers.

Camtravelz is a hard-working individual passionate about inspiring others to see the world. He would like to be perceived as someone who is humble and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Someone who can be vulnerable and joke about anything but is ready to get things done when it’s time to work. He is someone who has people’s best interests at heart and takes pride in providing value to people willing to follow him.

He became a Firefighter Paramedic to be there for people on their worst days. Ultimately, he just wants to influence as many people to get the travel bug and be able to see as much of the world as they can while they can.

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