A Board Game Based on the Challenges of 2020

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A Board Game Based on the Challenges of 2020
A Board Game Based on the Challenges of 2020

This young entrepreneur has always followed through with her business ideas to start her own ventures.

When COVID hit in March 2020, she was devastated. Her entire event business shut down. Within the span of two weeks, she had to cancel all of her events scheduled for the rest of the year. She had no idea how she was going to survive this shutdown financially. Her career had to pivot from here. For quarantine, her kids all came back home from college as school doors shut, and her youngest started her first year of high school online. 2020 was truly a crazy year for everyone.

During these trying times, she realized how important it is to have savings put away for emergency situations. No one could’ve prepared for what we were all about to experience that year. As she has done her whole life, she decided to try and find humor in all circumstances. Keeping focused and having determination will get you through anything.

In spring break of 2021, she had another idea. After all of this craziness and how our lives were all impacted so drastically, she decided to create a board game based on the events and the challenges of the year 2020.

Next, she wanted to find a new idea to entertain at home. Her house was always a fun home, full of kids and unique entertainment. It only made sense for her to get into the event and party business.

Her family had no idea when life would return to normal, if ever. In the meantime, her family and friends were all getting COVID. Everyone was stuck at home, and board games were in high demand while people were in quarantine. Lockdowns and a global pandemic shut down our schools, work, and social lives. This game is her new way to provide entertainment for people. Her goal is for 2020 The Game to become a nostalgic game for people to reflect back on the craziest year ever!

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