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some distant memory
September 27, 2023
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Archetype and Beyond: Unveiling the Musical Extravaganza of “Some Distant Memory”

“Some Distant Memory” is a solo music project directed by the exceptional artist Nors, that comes from the lively musical scene of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in a world where music and imagination go hand in hand. This project takes you on a musical voyage unlike any other, flawlessly weaving a tapestry that confounds reality and fantasy.

Archetype: A High Definition Odyssey

Prepare your ears for a musical voyage unlike any other with “Archetype,” the hi-def masterpiece and immediate sequel to the lo-fi marvel that was “Infinitum.” If “Infinitum” was the appetizer, “Archetype” is the main meal, and its dynamic multi-track offers would leave you wanting more. The album sets the tone for next releases by promising a symphony of emotions and sonic landscapes in “Reflections” and “Just A Story.”

The making of “Archetype” included a musical transformation that enhanced production abilities and led to the discovery of new hardware and virtual instruments. Nors and the crew overcame a little hiccup with a sequencer to create an album that redefines the hi-def experience.

The Best of the Archetypal Crop: Top 5 Tracks

Five tracks comprise “Reflections,” which stands out inside the expansive “Archetype” tapestry. The crown jewels invite you to immerse yourself in their aural brilliance: Another One, Concerning Identity, Rising Above, Sunrise Syndrome, and Splash Around. These songs deserve their turn in the limelight since time has gone.

The Complex of Persecution and More: The Revealing Goes On

The musical caravan, however, continues beyond “Archetype.” “Persecution Complex,” a song created during the gap between the two albums and serves as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come, is about to be released by “Some Distant Memory.” And if that’s not enough, be ready for the re-release of “Probe,” an album that transports you to a Venetian masquerade while playing electronic post-punk songs in lo-fi/semi-chiptune style.

**Just A Story Unfolds**: Prepare for a Visual Treat

As if the aural joy wasn’t enough, “Some Distant Memory” has the much-awaited video for “Just A Story” up its sleeve. Be prepared to have a visual element that adds a whole new level to the story accompanying your musical narrative.

“Some Distant Memory” is here to dazzle your senses, one note at a time, with “Archetype” leading the way and a treasure trove of musical treasures on the horizon. So plunge into the aural delights and let “Archetype”‘s melodies transport you to a place where music and magic collide! 

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