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August 3, 2023
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16-year-old entrepreneur shares his story of dreams, failures, struggle and success

There are various ways for a business to expand its reach, but it is essential to employ strategic marketing techniques to do so. Despite the fact that traditional marketing tactics are becoming less effective, there is no doubting the vast reach that digital marketing can bring. Precisely, digital marketing is an asset for every brand or organization seeking to develop a web presence. 


Meet Anurag Waydande a 16-year-old school dropout who started an agency with his friend Dinesh Barwar the agency  is called as Anoxy media 



They both started their Interner marketing agency on 14 May 2023 


Anurag Waydande established himself as a Young Entrepreneur as a teenager when he launched Adhonour, an internet marketing agency, from scratch. In this tech-savvy environment, Aditya has been producing miracles by supporting several organizations and companies to thrive digitally. 


Anurag has never been an ordinary adolescent; he has never been one. He was never a fan of the standard teaching methods and subjects that are generally taught in schools, and he also made it possible to add a whole new dimension to the Marketing and Promotion Arena. However, everything was not as simple as it seemed.


 Anurag started his Journey in 2022 with a normal affiliate marketing course while networking with people looking for an accountability partner in the group he found Dinesh barwar then he know he is the guy with the same mentality and mindset they both gonna start a business together but in early day’s anurag don’t have a laptop and we live in the era of marketing where laptop or pc is mandatory to get one he asked for the laptop from his parents but the financial condition was not so good.


He told his business partner Dinesh that he need a laptop to start the online business then he helped him with approximately Rs. 5,000 and some money given by his parents and then he purchased his first second-hand laptop the feeling was so good with the knowledge given in the course and with the resources.


He started doing affiliate marketing in an organic way in the starting day he don’t have any budget to spend on ads as a 15yo with However, due to poor direction, expertise, and marketing, the store was unable to advance very far. He suddenly understood the significance of effective marketing, promotion, and skill set. Anurag began to schedule time for skill development in addition to his academic courses, and he also worked as a freelancer for multiple clients to gain the required experience in this field. After 1.5 years of hard work, he eventually launched his agency, Anoxy Media with his partner Dinesh.


When questioned about his fundamental principles and objectives, Anurag emphasized the significance of financial independence in his life. Several years ago, he remembers the excitement he had when he received his first payment for proving a service of thumbnail designing. Therefore, he chose to emphasize achieving financial independence as soon as possible. After that, he took advantage of several opportunities to work and earn money in his area of interest. Then he discovered a Discord server where he learned digital marketing. Anurag enjoys reading business and self-help books and is a firm believer in the importance of creating various income streams early in life so that you can later appreciate and concentrate on the bigger picture.


In addition, They both indicated that his objectives for the next ten years are to be financially independent and to help at least 100,000 others by sharing his knowledge and guiding them on a journey to improve their own lives. And They are going to launch their course soon, to be the first significant step toward their long-term objective.


Want to learn about Anurag Waydande, Dinesh Barwar organization, and Anoxy media?


Check out – anoxymedia.com


Don’t forget to check out their upcoming course if you want to learn how to rapidly develop your social media presence or if you want to start down the road to financial freedom. Subscribe to the newsletter here to get stay updated about the launch.

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