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Trae Myers
November 20, 2023
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Riding the Waves of Success with Trae Myers: Country Music’s Captain of Cool

In the realm of country music, stories about trucks, broken hearts, and good ol’ boys frequently hold sway, but Trae Myers is navigating his own vessel, or perhaps better described as “On a Boat.” With the release of his most recent single, the budding artist is creating waves that even Poseidon would be jealous of.

Imagine yourself in Trae’s basement at three in the morning brainstorming, the sound of a live show still reverberating around you. That was the pivotal moment when “On a Boat”—a catchy hit song that perfectly captures the carefree spirit of summertime boating—was born. It’s as contagious as giggling around a bonfire on the beach and as alluring as taking a plunge into the deep blue.

With his EP, “Nashville Sessions Vol. 1,” Trae Myers is navigating a sea of success rather than merely riding the wave of his most recent hit. Flaunting a 90s vibe so cool, even flannel shirts are jealous, this musical treasure trove was produced by the dynamic duo of Grammy virtuoso Zach Allen and Matty Monk. Featuring compositions by the gifted trio of Kyle Level, David Banning, and William Lee Martin, such as “Back to My Boots,” “Angel on My Shoulder,” and “End of the Day,” this EP is a sentimental homage to the golden age of country music.

Not only is Trae a talented musician, but he also has amazing friends with whom he traveled across the country. Jimmy Carter, Lynn Williams, Joel Keyes, and Justin Ostrander—names that could fill a country music hall of fame—all display their musical prowess on this EP. Assembling the Avengers is similar to this but without the capes and more twang.

After an excellent 2023, Trae Myers has meticulously decided his subsequent plan of action. Having communicated the spotlight with artists consisting of Chase Rice, Kip Moore, Nate Smith, and Jameson Rodgers, respectively he is currently gearing up for national recognition. In addition to making the music great, Trae continues to make every show an amazing discovery and a thrilling production that is meant to be enjoyed.

Trae currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, but Nashville is calling him with a siren’s call. Like a country song, he’s thinking about moving his family into the center of the music industry. He spends one-fourth of a month in Nashville, where he works on his craft and crafts the stories that will be the chapters of his musical journey.

With an eye toward 2024, Trae Myers is leaving the well-known coast of Columbus behind and setting out on a grand tour. Fear not, devoted followers: he vows a victorious comeback, playing the lead in a massive show that will make headlines.

There’s more excitement to come. Trae, along with co-writer and co-producer Ryan Robinette, and producer/engineer Justin Wantz, are hard at work in Nashville creating a cutting-edge record. They intend to release these masterpieces one hit at a time, with each song serving as a brushstroke on the canvas of the nation’s future.

Therefore, Trae Myers is the captain to guide you through the musical currents, whether you’re a country music enthusiast or just searching for the soundtrack to your next lakeside adventure. With an abundance of skill, an experienced band, and a path destined for success, Trae is demonstrating that he is the most visible artist in the vast ocean of country music. Welcome to the Trae Myers Express; this is a trip you won’t want to miss!

Listen to “On A Boat” on Spotify!

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