How Lorenzo Green Turned an Accidental Video into a Marketing Sensation

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Lorenzo Green never imagined that a video of him surfing with his laptop would turn into a million dollar ad. But that’s exactly what happened when this marketer uploaded the footage on Facebook in 2017. Despite millions of viewers being amazed by Green’s surfing skills, he revealed that the video didn’t turn out exactly as planned. He had intended on shooting the video to highlight what he does as part of his work and travel lifestyle, but things took an unexpected turn when his laptop fell to the ocean before he could pass it to the boat.

Since then, the video has been viewed over tens of millions of views and landed appearances on TV shows on Netflix, French TV and FailArmy. Who would have thought that a video of his failed experiment could become so successful? It’s amazing how he turned this failure into success, recycling it for paid advertising campaigns and making millions in profits from just one video. Until this day, the video still gets featured in online publications.

We all know that creativity and taking risks can be a volatile combination. But this is exactly what has made Lorenzo such an incredible marketer – both personally and professionally. From a young age, it was clear that he was destined for success. As early as 16 years old, he started working on freelance graphic design jobs online and eventually explored other fields in domain, SEO and Google Adwords during the rest of his teenage years. As his passion grew stronger, he realized how much of an impact that he could have on the industry.
At 20 years old, he encountered one of the biggest challenges of his career. His business partner took off with all his money and left him in debt. This became a pivotal moment in his life and pushed him to work even harder than he already has. After graduating at the age of 22, he decided to put his degree in e-commerce and digital media design into practice and built a career out of it.

He started a paid digital marketing forum with two partners. Together, they built a highly successful digital marketing brand and organized some of the most attended conferences in different parts of the world. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world in 2020, the conferences still thrived as they pivoted to virtual events.

Today, he’s a full-time digital marketer and e-commerce entrepreneur of 7 successful companies which he co-founded and bootstrapped. He is a prime example of someone who has taken advantage of the digital age and all that it has to offer. He’s been able to work on his own schedule, build communities around his businesses, and create a life for himself that he loves all from the comfort of his home.

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