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May 5, 2022
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20 year old YouTuber lynix ( Austin Self ) Minecraft Gaming Sensation

Austin Self Aka Lynix of YouTube has now become a Minecraft gamer and is now trending on social media. 20 years lynx was born in the United States. Over 900k Subscribers on Youtube watch his videos daily. He has a fan following of over 20k. He came into the limelight when uploaded his video on Tik Tok in November 2018. Later he created a YouTube Channel “LYNIX”. Many of his followers have asked about the meaning of Lynix. To be identical they add this name to their actual name.

It was his beginning in the YouTube world. No one was aware that a “Teenager” can get this much success on this platform. His ideas were unique. He used to reveal the hacks in his videos which was a quite an interesting topic. After succeeding on his Youtube Channel he and Doni Bobes another Youtuber played a Minecraft game and from there he managed his channel for Minecraft Gaming. 

As a Minecraft streamer, his first video was uploaded on 11-12-2021 with another YouTuber Doni Bobes on his another channel  He named the Video “ I Built a Tiny Village Under this streamers Bed” In the beginning, it was not approachable but those who like his videos showed interest in this video and he hit near about 1k likes in a few weeks later likes were 5k till now. This was a turning point in his life. He started making videos in Minecraft. There he became more popular and a few of his videos received more than 1M views. He received a golden button from YouTube which encouraged him to do more on YouTube. He received back-to-back awards in YouTube Gaming Creator in 2020 and 2021.

“I used a camo block mod to cheat in a building competition” has 1.5M views a year ago

“My Brother Trapped Me in an Impossible Prison. So I Got REVENGE” Has 1M views.

“I built a secret base under this player’s house” has more than 1M views.

Austin has two younger brothers which is the reason his most gaming videos are based on brothers. Viewers love to watch the chemistry between brothers. He loves to share his stories on Twitter and Instagram.

He is also known as Lynixity. He named his channel this name. Lynixity is one of the most trending Twitch Channel and is followed by 14500 people. He has uploaded about 330 videos on his channel. 

Busting 72 Minecraft Myths in Real Life!  The latest video of lynix has received 82k views now. This is a must-watch video. He has shown some real-life myths. This video has proven facts specially the first clip. Many more videos are about to come. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. 

Follow his Journey on Instagram and Youtube.

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