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September 10, 2023
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Exclusive Interview With Cheedoe On JuiceTalk TV

Cheedoe meets Kewl Tay on Juicetalk 🧃

Aspiring musician Cheedoe, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been spotted on one of the fastest growing blogs of his native city. Recently, he sat down with (Kewl Tay) host of the podcast to shed light on his latest project and bring his fans inside the meaning of his brand. Allowed to be him complete self, he delves into why he makes music, who he wants to work with and more!

Cheedoe speaks on some very interesting topics in this interview. Things like his name, his independent record label. “More Than Rap!” States, cheedoe as he jokes and smiles on the podcast. His project which was hosted by Dj Legacy was a definite classic for the artist and he also, made sure he let fans know about the recent release. Cheedoe has been featured in publications such as the Source magazine, Kazi magazine, Yahoo business and more.

Meeting The Host

Kewl Tay has been featuring artists from Mke, for sometime and is really giving the city a solid platform to promote their craft! This type of dedication makes it possible for aspiring musicians to professionally market and brand themselves through a creative and engaging approach. Kewl uses the camera to paint a vivid picture and has been seen documenting some of the cities most memorable events which can be found on his Instagram page, (@juicetalktv) or https://instagram.com/juicetalktv?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

Cheedoe Mroyeah and Kewl Tay. Photo credit: Davidah Simmons.

What project, can the fans look for from Cheedoe? Asks Tay.

Cheedoe explains his latest “EP,” entitled “Cheedoe’s Legacy!” Was hosted by Chicago’s own Dj Legacy, and hosted by major platforms such as, myMixtapez, Spinrilla, Datpiff and more. The project has five tracks that are all different and display the creative side of the artist. The project is dope and you can tell he put a lot of thought into his music, which makes it exciting to hear.

Cheedoe’s Legacy. Photo credit: (MTR Ent. Llc)

Cheedoe’s Legacy Can be streamed on the link below.


To check out this interview and find more artists and interviews by @juicetalktv follow Kewl on his Ig below:


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