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November 1, 2023
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November 2023 – Splitting his time between Ontario and Riverside,California, DJ Vargas is quickly making big waves in the music scene,leaving a mark with his unique style and sound.

On October 27th, he performed at the “Mix Champagne Lounge” in Ontario, where he didn’t only manage to make a lasting impression on the crowd but also on the owner Liamont Carr, who was amazed at the DJ’s talent. What makes Vargas so special is that he is very careful when it comes to building song transitions. Any great DJ will tell you that the way the songs fade into one another is one of the key factors when it comes to crowd engagement. With his balanced sets, DJ Vargas showed the world he learned this lesson and perfected the flow of his performances to get people on the dance floor. A few days after his triumphant night in Ontario, DJ Vargas headed to Riverside, California, where he performed at the “Brickell Sunday Post Brunch Party” at the Downtown Experiment. The audience was massive, and Vargas really shook up the place with his infectious energy! The owner, Marco McGuire was just as enthusiastic, raving about the DJ’s ability to bring people together and turn the event into a truly memorable happening. He even reported that because of DJ Vargas’ amazing ability to create the right vibe, he experienced a bottle service sales soar by a whopping 60%!



Throughout both events, DJ Vargas proudly represented New York, Branson Cognac, and his music group, “Hi Profyle Music Group.” It doesn’t matter where he performs: he always gives 110%, making for a truly unforgettable night out. He’s the right fit for most situations and events, because he brings fun, and flexibility to the audience, crafting the perfect selections every time. Find out more about DJ Vargas on his official website

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