Benoît watches: Luxury watches available to everyone

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The growing move towards screens and more technologically advanced smartphones and smartwatches have replaced the need for traditional watches as functional pieces. While most people will not choose to wear a watch for its functionality anymore, the market for watches has continued to grow. This perpetual growth in the industry has been driven by the desire to own luxury goods that can be passed down through the generations.

Benoît Watch is a Canadian-based luxury watch company that makes stylish watches available to all. The company’s founder Eric Adeyemi is a wristwatch enthusiast with a passion for design, craftsmanship, and a collection of watches. As a collector he understood the importance of matching his wristwatches with outfits, this is what he used as his primary inspiration when creating Benoît watches.

Since the inception of the company, it has placed its focus on the creation of elegant, minimalist watches for both men and women. However, their passion and activities extend far beyond watches. Benoît is the French word for blessed, and Benoît watches is passionate about extending the blessings. This is why as part of their mission they have partnered with two causes in Canada, Mental Health Awareness in partnership with Progress Place, and Refugee Aid in Partnership with Mathew House. A portion of the proceeds from every Benoît watch purchase is given to support these causes, making your next luxury watch so much more than a wearable piece.

Benoît watches

The Benoît watch collection


The Scintilla collection includes two timeless watches, with a hexagonal design. The watches are extremely functional and their dual tones make them more interesting to the eye. These eye-catching designs are perfect for anyone who wants to find the best watch to complement their daily and evening outfits. Available in silver and blue or gold and green this unique piece will lead to everyone asking you where you purchased your watch from. The Scintilla collection is created with waterproof stainless steel allowing you to take your watch everywhere with you.


The Felicity collection includes two tones of the same watch, one that is black with rose gold details and one that features a more traditional silver watch and black wristband. These watches manage to create the perfect blend of a classical design that has more modern design elements. Both functional and stylish these Benoît are made from durable stainless steel and leather material.


The Elixir collection features a wristwatch available in rose gold and a silver version. This timeless piece screams opulence to everyone who sees it. The stainless-steel case material, along with the mesh bracelet strap type create a watch that can easily transition from day to night. The waterproof material will also allow you to not worry about your watch’s durability over time. This collection is designed for women, which means that the watch designs will compliment a lady’s elegance whether they are working or going out for the evening.


Benoît Vasilis is a 42mm analog dress watch with quartz timekeeping. The case material and strap type is made of stainless steel in both silver and gold tones. The dial is in a deep blue color that is both eye-catching and the perfect match for your entire wardrobe. The steel case offers 100m water resistance, meaning you will never be forced to take your watch off.


Benoît watches are the perfect luxury watch for those who want to find the perfect watches to compliment their everyday wardrobe. Each collection is specially designed and created to match all your needs both in terms of function and style.


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