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July 6, 2022
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Aging Backwards Wellness Integrates the Mind, Body, and Spirit in Holistic Treatments

Aging Backwards Wellness has helped MANY others do what Tami Wright has done to treat her MS. The company hopes to be able to help MANY more! They ensure that the mind, body, and spirit are all addressed, aligned and treated in an integrated, holistic fashion.

This company’s advice to someone trying to achieve success as an entrepreneur is to never give up and keep your mind laser-focused on your goals to improve the world. Work on these goals EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Their organization’s long-term vision is to make Aging Backwards Wellness the de facto, go-to standard for natural, holistic healing for those with autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses. When someone gets a diagnosis and wants to find a way to heal naturally—or has been sick for a while and wants to find a way out of the fear and chronic cycle of pharmaceuticals and hospitalizations—the company wants them to Google and find Aging Backwards Wellness as the TOP option.

The most life-changing moment in Tami’s career was being diagnosed with MS. She executed many plans correctly to achieve success, which included researching, reading, learning, and implementing. She never shied away from having her assumptions proven wrong. She stayed open to what God and the universe were guiding her to do and discover.

She also learned from some mistakes she made. She has learned that not everyone is going to want what her company has to offer and not everyone is where they need to be mentally or spiritually to accept what the company’s doctors say. That’s ok. They don’t want to serve everyone—just a select NICHE of people who are willing to go to any length to be well.

Other entrepreneurs and health/wellness experts, who were and still are changing the world for people like her and are starving for knowledge about what to do with a serious illness, inspired her to go all in. This company’s Wellness Protocol takes all the research, information, wisdom, and firsthand experience the founders have acquired over the years. Aging Backwards Wellness makes it easier

for others to find and implement this information so they too can have hope for a future free of the prison of their diagnosis.

Mark Fier

Mark Fier, a veteran journalist, has contributed to renowned media organizations and currently serves as the lead business writer for a respected platform.

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