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September 27, 2023
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Unleashing the Pickaxe: The ‘Art of the Bleed’ by SAVARRE Strikes a Chord


Are you prepared to go off on a musical journey that is equal parts avant-garde, ghostly, and extraordinary? Hence, go no farther than SAVARRE, the surreal ‘Spectra Rock’ band dominating the radio. Their most recent song, “Art of the Bleed,” from XIII Records, will melt your cold heart and leave you wondering why you haven’t already scaled this musical mountain.

The amazing Shannon Denise Evans, a multi-hyphenate artist par excellence who is a singer-songwriter, composer, dramatist, and novelist, is leading the effort. I’m not sure what else would make it seem like the beginning of a superhero tale. She said, “Between what we’re taught we are and who we’re told we need to be, we lose ourselves.” SAVARRE is here to help us discover ourselves, or at the very least, to lull us to sleep with their magnificent soundscape.

Imagine yourself standing a top a mountain with a pickaxe in hand, prepared to chip away at the solidified layers of your soul. The trip that ‘Art of the Bleed’ offers is a trek to liberate your heart. You could lament your former self and lose what you once believed to be true, but have no fear—you will come out of the flames like a phoenix, reborn and echoing with SAVARRE’s distinctive melodic echoes.

But you question, what exactly is “Spectra Rock”? Rock music has a new look and is more brilliant and colourful than before as if it traveled to another realm. The music of SAVARRE is a kaleidoscope ready to defy expectations and fill your aural world with colours you never knew existed.

Consequently, take out your pickaxe and begin chipping away at your musical expectations. Listen to “Art of the Bleed” on Spotify and let SAVARRE’s mellow pandemonium overtake you like a wave of avant-garde genius.

As Shannon Denise Evans said, “We will mourn our lost self, experience the die-off of what we thought we knew, then feel the birth of who we are.” Who would have thought a musical trip could be instructive and melodically captivating?

For updates on SAVARRE’s future activities, follow them on Instagram. What musical universes they’ll go into next is anyone’s guess.

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