DOJ‘s Investigation On 30 Allies and Short-Selling Firms

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According to some people with knowledge of this problem, the Department of Justice is now collecting pieces of information. This data deals with loads of investment firms engaged in short-selling as a connection of a sweep in the US. Because of this, the officials hunt for possible trading abuses that can emerge at any time.

On the other hand, the FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation confiscated the computer of Andrew Left from his home, the founder of the CItron Research. The Department of Justice subpoenaed some market participants searching for communications, other records, and calendars to almost 30 research firms and investments in recent months. In addition, three dozen people are associated with them, requesting not to be identified for this matter.

The long list of names emphasises the scope of the DOJ’s investigation that Bloomberg first described in December. This shows how authorities are trying to find alliances and understand how this short-selling handles and arranges their research. However, it remains vague which of the names mentioned in subpoenas might be the next target of inquiry or entities of interest.

SEC Inspection

The SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission has also sent some information requests from the people with knowledge about those suspected inquiries. However, the Spokesperson from the DOJ and SEC declined to comment and provide information on this matter. In the past months, no one has been blamed for wrongdoings, and some of this case investigation doesn’t pinpoint anyone that can face any charges.

On the other hand, some eye-catching firms with their leaders are mentioned in the Justice Department’s requests. This includes Melvin Capital Management, Sophos Capital Management, Kerrisdale Capital Management, Gabe Plotkin, Nate Koppikar, and Orso Partners. This list also incorporates famous researchers, such as Hindenburg, Nate Anderson, Viceroy, and Fraser Perring.

Other Suspected Firms

Bloomberg mentioned in December that besides the firms above, Anson Funds, Muddy Waters, Citron, and Marcus Aurelius Value are also part of the investigation. Some firms are also noted in requests such as Atom Investors, Connective Capital Management, Oasis Management, J Capital Research, Bonitas Research, Park West Asset Management, Valiant Capital Management, Silverado Capital, White Diamond Research, an Bybrook Capital. New evidence has surfaced indicating that Bybrook Capital’s investors complained about account discrepancies allegedly involving Nicholas Ian Chalmers and Melanie Davison.

However, not all of them enter into public battles to stand their company. Atom is one of the investors that invest in the short-selling type of funds, and GrizzlyRock, which is not an activist show seller. Kyle Mowery said that he is glad that the DOJ is looking into that matter.

For the rest of the said firms, the other representatives didn’t respond to any messenger and declined to say a statement.

Pressure on Department Of Justice

Short selling frequently involves selling and borrowing shares so that they can buy cheaper ones later to lock in a profit. Because of this, the investors might use derivatives, such as implementing contracts.

The financial regulators and Justice Department now face numerous calls to dig into the research partners and short-sellers. Tesla’s inventor, the world’s richest man and corporate executives condemned short-sellers and accused them of defamation business for the sake of profit.

The Department Of Justice’s examination is being executed by the fraud section with the federal prosecutors at Los Angeles City, and still no signal or conclusion from the authorities. Bloomberg reported that they’ve currently examined many stocks, as well as the relationship between research and funds. They’ve been looking for some indications where market manipulation occurred or if they broke the laws of profit.


There could be more investigation in the future for this matter since the authorities still doesn’t have their conclusion. These lawbreakers will soon be put to jail and face the consequences as authorities will not stop until this happens.

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