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November 1, 2023
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David M. Hoovler’s Priorities for 2023: Combating Illegal Handguns and Embracing Technology in Law Enforcement

David M. Hoovler is the District Attorney of Orange County, New York, who has always been dedicated to enhancing public safety and staying at the forefront of law enforcement strategies. For the coming months he has unveiled a set of priorities that reflect his commitment to addressing pressing issues in his community. This article will explore those key priorities, with a particular focus on prosecuting illegal handguns and leveraging technology in law enforcement.

Prioritizing Prosecution of Illegal Handguns

One of David M. Hoovler’s foremost priorities for 2023 is the prosecution of illegal handguns and weapons possession within Orange County. Hoovler recognizes the critical role that illegal firearms play in escalating violent crimes and endangering the community. To combat this issue effectively, he has outlined a comprehensive strategy.

  1. Enhanced Use of Technology: Hoovler plans to harness the power of technology to track and apprehend individuals involved in illegal weapons possession. This includes the use of facial recognition technology, DNA analysis, and the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN).
  2. Collaboration with Law Enforcement: The success of any initiative against illegal firearms hinges on collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and Hoovler aims to work closely with these agencies, in order to identify and target those individuals who are using illegal weapons.
  3. Lengthy Incarceration for Crime Drivers: Hoovler emphasizes the importance of imposing significant penalties on those involved in illegal firearms possession, particularly those who pose a significant threat to public safety. He believes that lengthy incarceration for such individuals is essential to protect the community.

Leveraging Technology in Law Enforcement

The Gun Initiated Violence Elimination (GIVE) program, which focuses on combatting illegal weapons possession and the resulting violent crimes, has been successful in Orange County. Hoovler intends to continue supporting and expanding this initiative.

In addition to his commitment to tackling illegal handguns, Hoovler recognizes the transformative potential of technology in law enforcement. He aims to integrate technological advancements into the operations of his office to enhance public safety.

  1. Facial Recognition Technology: Facial recognition technology can aid in identifying suspects, solving crimes, and ensuring a swift response to emerging threats. Hoovler plans to leverage this technology responsibly to protect the community.
  2. DNA Analysis: DNA analysis plays a crucial role in solving crimes and establishing guilt or innocence. Hoovler’s office will continue to use this advanced technique to strengthen cases and ensure justice is served.
  3. NIBIN: The National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) is a valuable resource for tracking firearms used in crimes. Hoovler intends to use NIBIN to trace the origins of illegal weapons and identify patterns of gun violence.

David M. Hoovler’s priorities for 2023 reflect his consistent dedication to public safety and his commitment to staying ahead of emerging challenges in law enforcement. Hoovler aims to build upon his past successes and further strengthen the foundations of public safety within his jurisdiction, and continue to face the true north!

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