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July 22, 2023
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Cheedoe Suprises fans with a new EP!

Me Vs. Anybody Set to be released April 10th,2023! — photo credit: (MTR ENT. LLC)

Me Vs Anybody by Cheedoe is Fire!

MKE Artist, and writer, Cheedoe is surprising fans with an Ep set for April 10th! Cheedoe, has shown that he is more than capable of producing great music and fast! The artist has done countless singles, albums, visuals and media releases debuting his past project on some pretty major platforms. When researching, Cheedoe’s music can be found on sites like YouTube, Mymixtapez, Spinrilla, Spotify, Vevo & more!

With the decline increasing population of artists growing considerably. Cheedoe has maintained his presence through consistent projects that get very good reviews. Cheedoe has been able to use this as a way to attract new fans as they patiently wait for new music from the Milwaukee native.

How does this Ep differ from his previous work?

This project is unique in many ways to be quite frank about it. I mean, not only is it just in time for summer, but it came as a complete shock to already engaged fans. A fresh five new tracks, unreleased, set to be apart of the project will be named on April 15th, 2023. The day the Ep is set to hit all major platforms. All of the fans that spoke of the recent release have said “He can’t miss!” Which in the music world, ultimately describes an elite artist who can consistently make the charts or produce new and unique music to increase brand presence and sales.

Cheedoe Mroyeah (Mke Rising independent artist) — photo credit: (MTR ENT LLC.)

Previous projects by Cheedoe Mroyeah include:

  • Cheedoe’s Legacy
  • The Book Of Joshua (Chapter 1&2)
  • Born Leader (Official Album)
  • Industry Invasion (Popular Mixtape)

Visit the site below for the latest videos, music, and updates on Cheedoe!


More Music By Cheedoe can be found:

Cheedoe on Apple Music

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