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July 12, 2023
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Battlefield fans are desperate for Bad Company 3

It’s about time Electronic Arts finally gives us Battlefield: Bad Company 3. So, make it happen you cowards!

It’s no secret that the Battlefield series has had it rough in recent years. Don’t get us wrong, Battlefield 1 (2016) and Battlefield V (2018) were decent enough games, they just never set the world alight. Speaking of setting the world alight, Battlefield even failed epically with its take on the battle royale genre with Firestorm. Do you remember that one?

Battlefield fans are desperate for Bad Company 3

For many fans, EA’s military shooter hit its peak with the two Battlefield: Bad Company entries in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Sadly, as you can tell from the numbers, it’s now been 13 long years since we’ve had a new Bad Company game, talk about being unlucky!

So Battlefield fans believe it’s about time EA released a new Bad Company, and so do we. To be fair, following the most recent flop, Battlefield 2042, would there be a better way to win over fans of the series than releasing Bad Company 3? We think not.

“Make Bad Company 3,” demanded Redditor Lord_Xytherius, and to no surprise, the thread was in agreement. “DICE has no idea what made Bad Company 2 a great game, hence they have not touched on it in recent years,” said a deflated Devoutlytile250.

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