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November 1, 2023
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WHATS IN A NAME? – Upholding Your Good Name is Everything!

In the martial arts world, your good name is more valuable than any black belt or trophy. It reflects your character, integrity, and the ethical standards by which you live. Your reputation is a legacy that endures long after your final fight, and it speaks volumes about who you are as an individual. Today I examine the importance of maintaining ethical standards, keeping your word, honouring agreements, and expressing gratitude to those who have contributed to your journey. As the saying goes, “you may want to forget the past, but sometimes the past doesn’t want to forget you,” and this concept extends to the idea of karmic retribution. All the world’s greatest martial art school marketing ideas and social media self-promotion will eventually end in tears if your name is blemished.

Maintaining Ethical Standards – Martial arts are not just about physical prowess; they are deeply rooted in the principles of honour, respect, and integrity. Instructors and practitioners alike must uphold these values to maintain a good name within the industry. Your conduct both inside and outside the dojo reflects on your character. By adhering to a strong moral code, you not only set a positive example for others but also gain the trust and respect of your peers and students. Upholding ethical standards isn’t just about being a good martial artist; it’s about being a good person. Unfortunately, when you say to people that you are ethical, moral or trustworthy it can often mean the opposite, all of these virtues can only be demonstrated by your actions, only others can judge you on this, not you!

Your Word Is Your Bond – When you make a commitment by a handshake, giving your word or agreeing to support a project, you are expected to follow through. A true martial artist’s honour lies in one’s ability to stand by promises and commitments as it reflects your integrity and trustworthiness. Keeping your promises not only builds a strong reputation but also fosters trust and credibility in your relationships, both personal and professional. It reflects your character, and it demonstrates your reliability and dedication to your responsibilities and personal relationships. In a world where trust can be a rare commodity, the value of upholding your commitments cannot be overstated as it reflects who you become.

Never Forgetting Your Debt of Gratitude – No martial artist reaches their full potential alone. We all owe a debt of gratitude to our instructors, training partners, and those who have guided us on our journey or helped us in other ways be it emotionally or financially. It’s essential to acknowledge and thank those who have helped you along the way. Expressing your gratitude doesn’t diminish your own accomplishments but rather shows humility and respect for the collective effort that propels you forward. Failure to acknowledge these debts can have consequences not only on your reputation but also on your personal growth.

Karmic Retribution – Inside and outside martial arts, the concept of karmic retribution is a potent force. It suggests that the universe has a way of balancing the scales, rewarding those who do good and punishing those who do harm. Just as your good deeds and ethical conduct will be rewarded, any unethical actions or betrayals can come back to haunt you. “You may want to forget the past, but sometimes the past doesn’t want to forget you” serves as a reminder that our actions have consequences that can follow us.

In the martial arts, your name is your most cherished possession. Upholding a good name requires maintaining ethical standards, keeping your word, honouring agreements, and never forgetting your debt of gratitude to those who have supported you. Remember that in the world of martial arts, karmic retribution is always at play. By embodying the principles of honour, respect, and integrity, you not only build a strong reputation but also contribute to the positive growth of your students and the martial arts community as a whole.

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