The Birth of MK Financial LLC and its Vision and Goals For Upcoming Years

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MK Financial came to be on accident. Maurice Kenny was already a successful day trader in 2020, but in November of 2020, he went around on FB Groups to answer questions for people that wanted to learn how to trade. He helped a lot of people for free and out of nowhere, a woman named Lashna reached out to him directly to ask, “Hey, can you mentor me as a coach every week for a bit? I like your strategy.” Maurice said yes and every week they had their meeting to see what problems he could fix for her.

After 4 weeks, she called Maurice’s cell and was crying her eyes out. Maurice panicked asking, “What’s wrong? Did a bad trade happen that you need to talk about?” She replied, “Maurice, because of you I can now do what I want to do in life. I can be a stay-at-home mom and watch my kids grow up now that I can make money at home consistently.” 

Ever since then, Maurice has built his company, MK Financial LLC, on coaching people to become consistently profitable day traders so more people can feel just like Lashna. 

The vision for the company in the next 2–3 years

In the first year, they had received 400 amazing students. After 2 more years, they plan on obtaining at least another 2,000 students and also plan on branching out to become an international brand. They currently have 3 coaches and are projected to help 1,000 students in 1 year alone. They have a waitlist already in place since January of 2022 and they may hit the goal much earlier than anticipated. 

As of now, they are already the #1 day trading coaching business in the US in just one year, so their next steps are to become the top brand in multiple countries over the next few years. In order to take the brand international, they are in the planning phase of creating an alternative course for Spanish speakers as a phase 1. This will mean very soon they will have coaches that have learned the strategy and have been given the honor of becoming a coach for the MK Financial Team to teach in their language. 

Their goal for MK Financial is when the everyday person thinks about day trading, they think MK Financial LLC. 

You can learn more about Maurice Kenny and his company, MK Financial LLC, at their website: 

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