OME Power Marine LLC Emerges As Single Source Center for Boats, Marine Outboards Maintenance in the US

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The OME Power Marine LLC has carved an enviable space in the US as the single-point solution source for all boat repair-related problems. 

Under one roof, the sea-going people can get all services for their watery crafts. The company rebuilds, repairs, and provides all necessary equipment, thus making the old and used boats and marine outboards as good as new. 

No wonder the OME Power Marine LLC is the first name of the boating people in Canada and the USA that strikes their minds whenever they think of getting their boats and marine outboards repaired. Here, the expertise and experience of the company speaks for itself. 

One of the specialties of the OME Power Marine LLC is how it provides all types of services relating to marine outboards and boating. 

The company charges competitive prices for its value-added services. It is customer-friendly and always prioritizes the needs of the customers first. 

The company is also famous for offering punctual services, thus eliminating the long wait for it by the customers. It comes as a major benefit for those who use boats and outboards regularly. 

The company was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, California.   

In this highly specialized service for the last 17-years, this Merhi Hussein and Trejo Alvarez-owned company has grown into a popular brand for the boating people in Canada and the US over the years and is considered as a marine supply powerhouse within this countries. 

Hussein and Alvarez have made it their passion to serve the boating people more than running a business just for financial gains. . 

Ask Hussein; he will say: Very dear to me, the boating people who come to me for services are not simply my clients. I consider them my friends. Naturally, servicing my friends has a great meaning for me. They trust me, and that is also a matter of gratitude.  

If the growth curve of OME Power Marine LLC is followed, this company turned into a major brand for the boat and marine outboard maintenance field in Canada and the US. It offers superior technical services backed by in-house developed state-of-the-art equipment.   

Another point that often surfaces is the personal bond that Alvarez and Hussein have made with the boating people by rendering them a host of services over the last 17-years. In Alvarez’s words:

Our business philosophy is, to be honest, and useful to clients at an affordable price. The central motto of the company is to be always available to the sea-going people as they might need service at any point in time be it locally within our city walls or nationwide

The success of OME Power Marine LLC hinges on Both this owner’s bouquet of services encompassing all needs of boating people. To do this, they have made this company a customer-oriented company thus marking their main difference when compared to others.

This feeling of The owners emerges out of their core values of consideration of customers as family members. The customers also feel at home coming to the OME Power Marine LLC with their manifold problems. This emerges due to the personal rapport that the company has forged with them over the years. 

The OME Power Marine LLC has acquired the latest know-how and technical expertise in the specialized fields of boat engine installation, repair of inboard and outboard water crafts, impellers, and service kits. The company’s sales and service of water pumps, gaskets, oil filters, and fuel filters have gained massive support from the customers. 

You should check out OME Power Marine LLC on  facebook page and Instagram to know more. It is a marine store that offers full satisfaction to customers at an affordable rate. If you wish to purchase a new boat or get your old outboard motor repaired, contact OME Power Marine LLC online for help today.

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