Mikey De Vil Launches New Podcast All About Sex, Shamelessness, and Success

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Mikey De Vil is the sole host of “Thot Leaders” a show that is gaining a lot of attention for its provocative content. Mind you, the show believes in being bold and not feeling ashamed of one’s career.

Unlike other podcasts, you won’t find routine stuff here. And that’s what makes it different from other shows. Mikey runs a format very similar to Joe Rogan where he brings guests on for freeform, uncensored, and very unpredictable conversations

“When people choose unconventional paths, they feel shaky. Not because what they are doing is hard, but because they are constantly fighting against systems and stigmas that are put in place to course correct you back on a traditional path. The show is meant to shine some light on people that are making it work despite the pressure. We want to inspire more people and meet more thots like us” says Mikey. The show description states it highlights the unconventional ways today’s generation is successful, and if you love something so much that you’d shamelessly do whatever it takes; Mikey defines you as a Thot Leader.

In his most recent interview, Mikey sat down with comedian Mac Lawson (@bigmaclawson) and went deep into her multi faceted approach to comedy. Mac started her comedy career with an open mic night where she took the stage with a friend. When her friend started to choke, Mac naturally took over the show and knew she had a career ahead of her. Throughout the episode, Mac described her comeback from a serious brain injury and how comedy saved her life.

Mac seems to fit right in with Mikey’s format as her recent release is a video called “Quarantine and Chill” where she raps and makes fun of Covid stereotypes. Mikey then compares it to the popular group Lonely Island led by Andy Samberg. 

 “Many people get depressed and turn to pills when most of the time happiness is a choice. Maybe the problem isn’t that we all need to be medicated, but rather that we don’t define success as happiness. If everyone was doing what they really wanted, I truly believe we wouldn’t see such rampant cases of depression ” Mikey concluded.

Thot Leaders made its debut in March featuring top Russian TikTok influencer and comedian Torry Hermann. The second episode featured Kazumi, who is an adult content creator on OnlyFans.

She openly discussed orgies, sex parties, and other adult programs. Kazumi also gave useful tips to adult content creators regarding how to gain immense popularity on OnlyFans.

Listen to all the episodes of Thot Leaders on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. Links can be found through Mikey’s instagram (@giveitth0t)

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