How Jackson Protection Agency, a Paramilitary Security Agency by Shea K. Jackson is Transforming Lives

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Shea K. Jackson, an artist, serial entrepreneur, investor, wife, and mom of 3, said in a recent interview that she connected with many artists like herself and networked in her local community. Those connections opened doors she honestly did not know existed within the military community. She has also performed internationally with world-renowned vocal coach Cheryl Porter and sang with gospel legend Hezekiah Walker.

As a double minority-owned business that scaled to 7 figures organically (in 2020 during the onset of the pandemic) with NO working capital, NO angel investors, and NO business loans, is something she and her husband are very proud of for their paramilitary security agency, Jackson Protection Agency. As the co-owner and CFO, she has worked alongside her husband to scale their business to seven figures and expand their portfolio by opening other businesses and expanding their entrepreneurial portfolio. Her husband has a mantra that she has adopted and it’s, “Don’t wait for a great moment, but take every moment and make it great.”

She had the opportunity to open up for R&B artists Kelly Price, Ginuwine, Donnell Jones, and gospel artist Maurette Brown-Clark. Once her husband made his transition out of the military in 2017, they established a paramilitary security agency, Jackson Protection Agency.

Her perspective within her industry and entrepreneurism overall is that you create your own environment. You must make a decision on what you want and focus on that consistently to achieve success.

Overcoming a lack of financial support, misogyny, racism, and even her own self-sabotaging beliefs were critical to her success. Being a double minority—both black and a woman—as an entrepreneur in any market has its advantages and disadvantages.

She would like to be perceived as relentless, determined, driven, and self-motivated. An asset to her family, community, and her perspective industries as an entrepreneur. 

Connect with her Instagram on: @gabbystresses

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